Just wonderful because on alot of commercials here in Australia it shows about 90% of white guys from America and Europe travel to Asian countries looking for wives. Whats wrong with the girls in their own countries?

I honestly thought all women were about the same, until I took an overseas job and I lived in Russia for 3 years. No, all women are not the same, I was shocked at Russian women, not only were they very beautiful, but they are also very traditional. Russian women take great pride in their looks, you will never see a Russian woman out in public wearing sweat paints, hair up, with no make up, as so many American women do. As I just wrote, they are very traditional, a Russian woman is considered a successful women when she is a housewife to a good man. I have been happily married to a wonderful Russian lady for the past 11yrs, she has always been a housewife and I could honestly write pages on all she does, she takes great care of our home, great care of our children, and great care of me. I may provide for my family, but my wife is truly the backbone of our family.
Sadly, most American woman are the opposite, most American woman have became too independent, too rebellious, have lost traditional values, unfaithful, fat, and will divorce their husbands over any stupid little thing.