I plan on going to Tangier, Morocco either in November, December or January. Whats the weather like during the winter months. I come from North Eastern part of America so I’m use to the cold winter.
So would I have to pack a winter jacket, or would a simple light weight jacket with some warm boots would be good? I need some tips on what kind of clothing i should pack for the winter weather over there.

On sunny days in winter it is not unusual for the temperature to be 18 or 19 degrees C. However once the sun goes down it can get cold. Most houses and cheaper hotels are not heated so you need warm clothes for the evenings and early mornings.
November can be the month of continual rain. So the advice about the raincoat and umbrella is vital. Strong walking shoes are necessary, too. The pavements in Tangier, because of ongoing construction ,can be problematic.
Layered clothing is the way I would go with rain proofed jacket. Then you can add or take off as the weather dictates. Hopefully it will be a wonderfully sunny winter and you will have a great stay.