Traveling to Frankfurt in June and was looking for some pointers to travel to Dresden in an inexpensive way.

There’s the “weekend ticket” by Deutsche Bahn (German railways), if you travel on a Saturday or Sunday. That’s quite inexpensive, it goes (at current prices) for 35 euros, and allows up to five people to travel. But you’re only allowed to use slow trains; you can check out a schedule at I’m sorry I cannot post the schedule here, as they have session IDs that expire after one hour, so a direct link would be worthless.

“Thumbing a ride”, as mentioned by some posters, might not be so bad an idea. Try .

2nd edit:
@Carolina, Lufthansa will in no way be the cheapest way, but the fastest, I agree. German BA might be an option. But by flying, you miss so much of the German landscape, and using the rail or driving on the Autobahn is an experience a traveller shouldn’t miss. But that’s just my opinion, as a German.

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