Where and what hotels in Miami have a great Beach to have a small wedding ceremony? I will be getting married at the end of June but I am so confused on hotels in Miami ?

What are the requirements for NYC residents to get married in Miami?

Does anyone recommend a Hotel that does a beach weeding on their property?

What about wedding cakes in Miami: does anyone recommend a wedding cake designer (Bakery) in Miami??

Does anyone know how should i begin to arrange the beach wedding with a hotel? should I question the wedidng policy of the hotel? Or what should I do?

I love to use Cake Designs by Edda, they have four different locations in the south Florida area. My favorite is their chocolate cake, with chocolate butter cream filling, and white vanilla butter cream frosting. Out of all of the wedding cake that I have tasted, theirs is AMAZING and the BEST cake I have ever tasted, both flavor and texture is perfect and moist. http://www.cakedesignsbyedda.com/
It sounds like you might need a wedding planner, especially since you don’t live in the area and will need someone doing most of the local coordinating for you. It is important to use vendors the provide professional work and work well with other vendors. If you would like any additional information on wedding planners, please visit our website: http://WeddingsbyDE.com