Are you someone who does not care about the costs of a vacation but more about the experience? Well in that case you are open to much larger selection of available resorts world-wide which are sure to give you thrills, laughs and of course an excellent vacation. However, with the amount of beach resorts that are available worldwide, it can be a struggle to pick the best ones, and therefore you may need a guide to lead you in the right direction. This article is going to go through three of the top beach resorts in the world, so that you can see what you may want form a beach resort, and which ones will suit your vacation preferences.

Four Seasons Resort Maui.

The first resort on the list is the Four Seasons Resort, which has been appropriately awarded five stars by Forbes, and will impress anybody who is used to even some of the best treatment on a vacation. This resort has it all, from amazing sceneries, boat trips around the pacific, cardio workout rooms and become immersed in one of the world’s best resorts. There is also the chance for you to get private surfing lessons, which can be one of the most memorable times of your life, and you can go out into the sea to go whale spotting. There is everything that is needed to have a true family escape, and there is no doubt that this resort will be the home to some of your fondest memories.

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Calif.

The Ritz-Carlton is another extraordinary resort for the whole family to enjoy. At this resort you can take pleasure from the incredible ocean views, the luxurious sands from the Salt Creek Beach and of course your own beach butler. He will be in charge of setting up your chair, being there to resupply you with any beverages you may request and even going out of his way to aid your kids to make a sandcastle. There is no denying that this resort is an absolute pleasure to visit on your vacation, and if you have not already, you should definitely put this resort on your list of places to go. Similarly to the Four Seasons Resort, The Ritz-Carlton also provides excellent surfing lessons, which is in every way an exhilarating experience.

Ocean House, Watch Hill, R.I.

The final resort on this list is the Ocean House, Watch Hill, R.I, which is a modernised replica of the original hotel, which opened in 1868. Vast technologic updates to the resort have allowed Forbes to give a full five-star rating, and it is certainly up to 21st standards. However, with the stunning views and plenty to do outside, there is fairly little actual need for them. It would be surprising if you spent a single day at this resort inside. Therefore, if you are getting tired of your kids constantly being hooked on their technological devices at home, visiting Ocean House, Watch Hill, R.I might just be the best decision you ever made.

These beach resorts are a good place to start when you are looking for somewhere to stay, which has impressively high ratings, and a lot to offer in terms of value. However, whilst you may think that these beach resorts will be massively expensive, considering what they have to offer to their guests, you will find that the cost is more than worthwhile for the experience.