This morning is another blissfully wonderful powder day at Mammoth Mountain, my home ski resort. Mammoth Mountain just got 62-88″ of fresh powder over its already generous snow base. Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort now boasts a snow base of 12.5-19 feet.

Exercise helps keep your metabolism fired up and keeps the fat burning process moving forward. Walking is fine; anything more intense is great. Try and find an activity that will make your exercise efforts fun. During the cold weather indoor activities are the better choice, unless you live near a hotels ski. Volleyball, basketball and racquetball are a few suggestions. The treadmill and a book or a near by TV will work as well. Don’t let the cold weather be an excuse to not exercise.

The sale has been cleverly designed to help fill the softer seasons at the various resorts. But, just think of the days you can spend playing golf, hiking in wildflower-filled meadows, mountain biking on summer green ski slopes then dining or attending concerts in the evenings.

Some of the most popular choices are Utah, Colorado, California, and Vermont but there are definitely more options than that when it comes down to choosing a location for a ski holiday. For example, Indiana, Michigan, Maine, Wyoming, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania all have ski resorts too.

Another wonderful ski vacation resorts is Breckenridge, a favourite among visitors from the U.K. due to the town’s quaint Old Western theme and its mining heritage. It also has ski slopes for all abilities. Check the internet for cheap ski holidays in this lovely resort town.

Unlimited rides are yours for $25 per hour. Hours are 10 am to 2:30 pm. Pick up your tickets at the River Run ticket window. The price includes a gondola ride up the mountain.

Les Escaldes, Andorra (1710m to 2640m)- Les Escaldes could be the vacation destination for people into winter months sports such as snowboarding and skiing. Due to the location of Les Escaldes, snow is available year round. You will find represented some charming hotels in Andorra.

Festivals Galore – It sure seems like no matter what time of the year it is in Taos, there’s a popular festival going on all the time. From respected beer and wine festivals, to arts and music festivals, and countless additional cultural festivals between, there’s something festive going on every single month of the year.

Those were some of the highlights of the weekend. If you missed it this year, just be sure to be here at the end of next summer for a guaranteed good time.