Hi all,
I’m plan to have my honeymoon at Europe next yr (2014). First entry country will be Barcelona in Spain and last country will be Rome, Italy. The duration for my honeymoon will be 1month.
Recently i did always heard that lot of people being refuse to entry UK or some EU country due to lack of document and proof.
Below is my checklist am i missing anything?

1) Return Air Ticket
2) Accommodation booking receipt, print from Internet
– But i book hostel instead of hotel, will it create any problem for me?
3) Train ticket receipt, print from Internet (For transit between country)
4) Aegean Airline ticket receipt, print from Internet (For transit between Italy & Athens)
5) My & my wife company letter to proof i’m working there
6) My & my wife company badge (necessary?)
7) Credit card (i have 2, total credit around 3600 Euro, my wife have 1, total Credit around 1700 Euro)
8) Do i need to bring my company credit card? (Credit around 8000 Euro)
9) Plan to bring 2000 Euro in cash per person (Enough? or need more?because my trip around 1 month)
10) Travel Insurance

All above is what i can think of.
Am i miss something important which i need to bring in order to proof i’m a genuine tourist?

Many thanks in advance
I’m from Malaysia.
Regarding cash, i thought is one of the requirement for entering a country right?
On previous threat, i saw some one is being advise to bring certain amount of cash because they said sometime the immigrant officer want to see whether you have enough money to spend or not.

You’ll need your passports. Also, while many EU countries don’t require visas for people from some countries (for instance, I am a US citizen, so I can stay as long as 90 days in many EU countries without a visa), you will need to check and see if you need a visa.

Contact the consulates in your home country for each country you plan to visit. You should be able to find out simply from their FAQ pages if you need a visa, or you can get contact information to ask the consulate. If you need one or more visas, you should get those ahead of time–it saves time if you get them before you leave on your trip.

Also, if you need more money, you can get it from an ATM machine almost anywhere, as long as you have a card which can access your bank account. Generally, it is not recommended to carry around that much cash, as if it is stolen, you cannot get it back. I would purchase traveler’s checks. They can be cashed at most businesses, or, if not at a business, at a hotel or local bank. The advantage to a traveler’s check is that you simply need to track the numbers, and if they are stolen, most companies will replace them (I always get American Express traveler’s checks–they have offices everywhere around the world, and they will replace stolen checks as long as you can show proper documentation about the purchase of the checks and provide the check numbers for those which were stolen).

Other than that, the only thing I can think of is vaccinations. They are a good idea anytime you travel, and there may be some countries which will not allow you to enter if you aren’t vaccinated against certain diseases. Check with your local health department–ours keeps a list of which vaccinations are recommended for which countries. Also, look into vaccinations soon, as some of them must be given in a series over time.

Other than that, it looks like you have thought of everything. I don’t think you need to take your company credit card, though you can certainly do so if you would like to. Also, I don’t think it matters if you will be staying at a hostel or hotel, as long as you have accommodations. The only other thing you might want is a printed out itinerary which shows a schedule of where you will be and when. I don’t know if that’s necessary, but it couldn’t hurt.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and I hope your honeymoon is a great start to a wonderful marriage.