I was fortunate. My son, Kris, traveled to China in 2001. He prepared to stay at a martial arts temple in Dali, China. And he did stay there for awhile. But his China travels led him to turn out to be an entrepreneur and open a restaurant called Salvador’s Coffee House with a couple of friends.

The Poyang Lake Bird Protection Area is a sanctuary for numerous rare species of birds. Measuring 224 square kilometers (about 86 sq. miles) in area, it offers a mild local weather and a habitat rich in aquatic plants and fish with no industrial air pollution. In winter season, Poyang Lake is house to the globe’s biggest population of birds.

You should travel china visit Hong Kong if you want to purchase luxurious items at the lowest cost. Genuine luxury brand names like LV, Prada, Corum, Burberrys and many other world well-known designers’ labeled goods are sold at unbeatable costs. In many cases, these shops are crowded and even with a waiting around line.

Chengdu now has 4 main train stations. Among them the North Marshalling Station is the biggest marshalling station in China. In the meantime, a new station for passenger transportation is to be built in a few years.

Below the Five Previous Males Peak is the White Deer Grotto Academy, named after the poet Li Bo(not to be confused with the well-known poet Li Bai), who elevated white deer there. It is 1 of the oldest institutes of greater studying in historical China.

Transportation in Guangzhou consists of four metro traces, ferries, buses and taxis. Cantonese is the official lingua franca. All these make Guangzhou a should see on the China tour.

Eat cautiously – and consume the road food. It’s great. This may sound odd, but the dodgy-looking road eating places can occasionally be the safest, especially in Japanese and Northern China. The key is how completely the meals is cooked. If it’s cooked in entrance of you, you can watch to see that every thing’s well done. Also view for these indicators of a safer outdoor hotspot: a line of locals purchasing their meals there (which means fast turnover, and fresher meals), bowls that are either lined with disposable plastic or sanitized with boiling water, and plastic-wrapped disposable chopsticks.

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