I am wondering if I can still negotiate the displayed rates of hotels in China. Im thinking of going to Shanghai and I want to stay in New Harbour Serviced Apartments in. It is a four star apartment hotel. Ive been to China and I know that bargaining is a common practice when buying. I am not sure if it is also applicable to hotel rates. If so, how low can I negotiate the hotel rate from the asking rate?

You can always try to bargain. It may or may not work and there is nothing to lose.

For hotels I usually pay the advertised rates. They are usually already discounted. I also search online for better rates with the English and also with the Chinese name. Within China there are also countless Chinese websites that give hotel discounts.

Once you are in lobby hotels have usually 2 rates, the displayed one, and one with a a fixed discount that everybody gets. It’s hard to get more discount then that, if you are lucky they through in a free breakfast.

Some Mandarin will help, otherwise they may have no idea what you talk about.