I intend to travel from Rome to Venice and then to Switzerland (whichever city is the most suitable to get into Swiss). Can somebody advice how do I go about this trip? The prices from rome to venice by train italia seems to be pretty expensive.

I am looking for the cheapest way of transport – please advice.

Secondly, we have a party fo 6 adults and 1 child. Is there any apartment sort of accomodation which works cheaper than hotels in these countries – Italy and Switzerland?

Any other travel advice on Italy travel will be appreciated. Thanks.

Actually, train travel here in Italy is stillì relatively cheap compared to many other places. However, it does add up for a large group. There are a couple of things you might want to consider. One is to rent a car to drive – that won’t have a per person charge and you could rent the car just for the specific trip. Driving times and directions: http://www.viamichelin.com/

The night train from Rome to Venice is a good option for you: http://www.ferroviedellostato.it/homepage_en.html. The train leaves from the Tiburtina station in Rome at 10:36 pm and arrives in Venice at 5:26 the next morning. Seats are cheaper than the high speed train and right now there’s a special promotion for 19 euro (limited number of seats). Rather than sitting, I would recommend getting berths which make it easier to sleep. The standard fare is 60.90 euro per person which is still a little less than the day train. However, if you buy tickets in advance, you can get the same berth for as low as 42.60 euro at the discounted rate for early purchase and the Autumn special promotion has some tickets for 29 euro. Note that with this train, you also do not have to pay for a hotel for the night.

From Venice to Switzerland, you can change trains in Milan to get to various points or there is one train that you can take to Geneva without changes.