We have to go for our Nationals at Houston, TX and we are from NY (LGA, for specifics) I need someones help in the expertise in FLIGHT BOOKING, FOR GROUPS. We have a group of 25 people that we need to take to Houston, any idea on how to get a cheap flights along with a good hotel in Houston for about four days for 25 people. Thanks in advance!
Also since we are planning to go in July, when are the cheapest times to travel in July?

For group travel, if you can get away with it, I recommend using Companion Airfare vouchers.

You basically buy 1 regular price ticket & get the 2nd ticket free for your companion. Sometimes those travel centers get fussy if you spell out for them that it’s for group travel, but if each person only books a flight with one other person & doesn’t wear matching t shirts when they check in, you could save a ton of $!

If you look online you can find them – here is one site I know that offers them – they might have a good hotel deal in Houston too, I don’t know all the locations they offer – good luck!