I have been trying to find a good method of keeping in contact with my loved ones back home in New Jersey, but I cant seem to come up with a best solution. I have verizon mobile service, I have money to spend on a mobile hotspot or a 2-way Iridium connect… but I really have no idea what I will be able to access in Morocco in terms of communicating with my family. Am I okay bring a phone card? what should I do?
My issue is that I will be south of Agadir, with no access to internet cafe’s. Slightly off of the grid. I just hate the idea that I might have to go for a long time without talking to my family back home.

How about Skype? Everyone in Morocco use Skype to talk to friends and families abroad and there are Internet cafes everywhere.

The other way is to buy local sim for your mobile, if it is unlock phone, and use that to make calls is not a cheap solution but acceptable way to keep in touch and of course your family can call you directly.

Or you can use Whatsup and there are WIFi spot for your Internet connection in most hotels and some Internet cafes.

Take with you an ordinary unlocked phone and use it with the local SIM card. That you can call back home and can receive calls as well.

You can buy local phone cards and look out for promotion as sometimes (nowadays frequently) telecom companies offer double minutes or money.