Formally referred to as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong is situated around the eastern side from the Gem River Delta, adjoining Guangdong province within the north and opposite the South China Ocean in the western world, east and south. In the19th century, Hong Kong would be a famous buying and selling port and contains a properly developed commercial and economic climate.

The optimum time to go to Hong Kong is throughout the several weeks form October to December. It is now time once the sun is vibrant and skies are obvious. Hong Kong Hotels give special discount throughout the height seasons of March-April and October-November. Hotels in Hong Kong are very well outfitted with the very best of facilities and render first class service. Weather will get warm throughout March- April which means you will discover no problems traveling around Hong Kong.

Central Plaza

The Central Plaza was completely established around 1992. The humungous glass wall from the building is covered in three different colors – gold, silver and terracotta.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Situated on Lantau Island, the Disneyland of Hong Kong is its star attraction. Happens shows and amusement rides are a good hit one of the kids. A global famous theme park, this area offers numerous entertainment options.

Sea Park

Among the well-known amusement parks in Hong Kong, Sea Park is sited around the southern area of Hong Kong Island. This can be a good way hitting if youre with the family. This theme park has something to provide to the site visitors of age.

Lantau Island

An attractive island thats at the top of natural miracles. Pretty landscape, quaint fishing towns, balmy beaches, monasteries and much more makes this area a famous place among vacationers. Here youll have a wonderful time hiking, camping, fishing and trekking biking.

Kwun Yam Shrine

The locales from the Kwun Yam Shrine are dotted with statues and figures of rams, fish, the cash god, some southern Chinese symbols, sculpture from the goddess of whim and Container Hau. The shrine is situated close to the southeastern finish of Repulse Bay Beach.

pliu Street Marke

Within this market youll find everything varying from clothes to electronic goods at very inexpensive prices. Second hands merchandise is merchandise is also broadly available here.

Mai Po Character Reserve

This can be a 270 hectare character reserve which includes a fascinating Mai Po Education Center that shows products around the background and ecology from the Deep Bay and wetland. A number of its best points of interest include floating pathways and trails with the mangroves and dirt houses along with a dozen hideaways from where one can watch and place types of wild birds.

Chinese festivals in Hong Kong are celebrated with great pomp and show. Processions are removed various cultural shows are held making the town look even more vibrant.

Chinese Lunar Year

To be the greatest Chinese festival, it might appear to become the perfect time for you to visit Hong Kong. But ought to be fact the majority of the shops and marketplaces remain close.

Spring Lantern Festival

Within the Victoria Park in Hong Kong Island is to will see the very best of Spring Lantern Festival. A conventional Chinese festival, about this day numerous beautiful lamps are lit around the block.


Christmas celebration features its own charm in Hong Kong. The town, shops and roads are very well decorated with Christmas adornments.

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