My wife & I want to to stay overnight in a downtown Chicago hotel for our anniversary next month. We’d like to get a room that has a whirlpool tub or jacuzzi in the room. I’ve been looking on line & it seems that most of the places that do have them are $350 or more. We have given ourselves a ceiling of $200. Does anyone know of any hotels where we could get that kind of room for that kind of money?

Nothing downtown is cheap…but I know of this place right outside of Chicago that have very nice jacuzzis suites {newly built} for very cheap. They have 2 different style rooms also, one has a smaller hot-tub and the other has a bigger hot-tub with a fire place. Both are very reasonable and a lot cheaper during the week days. {I prefer the fireplace rooms with the bigger hot-tub personally.}

Give em a call….They’re right off of Harlem Ave and I-55.

Plank Road Inn
7307 Ogden Ave
Lyons, IL 60534
Phone: (708)442-5120

Hope this helps =]