Definitely, if one takes some pains, mostly while surfing the internet, one can get very good deals while traveling to Asia-this could be Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea. There are various portals, like Make My Trip or cleartrip or Travelocity, where one can get deals which are cheap to travel to Asia.

Cheap Airfare to travel to Asia

One way of traveling cheap to Asia is to find out discounted airfares-this could be purchasing tickets on the internet, either through the websites of the airlines directly or portals like MakeMyTrip. One could go in for budget carriers like Jetstar in Australia or Oasis Airlines in Hong Kong which will cut the frills like generous meals but will certainly provide tickets which are considerably cheaper than established carriers like Cathay Pacific Airways or Singapore Airlines -these budget carriers may need you to pay for meals or board (even for mineral water) or their meals may be very basic-.the seating on these aircraft also may be more cramped since seating will be greater (in more numbers in order to fill in more passengers ).Of course, sometimes, if one monitors the newspapers carefully or television or is in touch with leading travel agents ,one is able to find attractive prices even on established airlines like Cathay Pacific Airways or Thai Airlines by buying tickets maybe when a promotion is going on well in advance when these airlines will price their tickets at lesser prices -this means that passengers will stand to gain since they can get the best of both worlds -cheaper tickets as well as all the frills that are usually available on the established airlines like full meals, modern on board entertainment, PTVs, good decors, comfortable seats, less cramped seating, etc.

How does one find cheap flights to travel to Asia?

One way is to begin your search at C fares.-this is very good site to find deals on cheap travel to most Asian countries; they offer deals which are truly amazing.

Discover huge discounts even for Business travel to China and Japan.

There is so much that Asia has to offer -the differing cultures, foods, manner of dress, language, customs, within different countries in Asia make it truly a fascinating continent to visit. It is sensible that before you embark on your journey to do a lot of research on the internet, especially since one can get a lot of very competitive fares -also the entire traveling experience can be more enjoyable since one knows more or less what to expect; the more prepared one, the more fun your trip can turn out to be.