I’ve been living at the same hotel in China for a month now, and will be staying for another two. The dog which I assumed would eventually end up in the soup is still barking outside my window from 4am onwards. I don’t want the dog in any soup, I just want it to be quiet. Or my money back. I could buy earplugs if they gave me a rebate. Will they do that?

Hahahaha.. That’s hilarious!

No. You can’t “DEMAND” a rebate. If you didn’t like your accommodations, you could have requested earplugs a month ago. If you snooze, you lose. And, in your case, you didn’t even have the chance to snooze first! ROFL!

What the heck? Did you think you were staying in a 5-Star Hotel in Toronto that is interested in maintaining a good reputation?

Welcome to the PRC, Foreign Dairy Cow! Time for some milking…

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