Hi all,
We are thinking to go to Bali on our short honeymoon this december. We both love crowds, party and gigs also fine dining.
Please advise us which hotels in Bali which has a beautifull beach to relax and do some watersports? We both also love travelling and sightseeing, heard that Bali is really beautifull with lovely people.
What else we could do in Bali other than those things above?

Plenty of hotels there depend on your budget. Try this hotel for honeymooners and partygoers :
1. Nikko Hotel at Nusa Dua, Bali
great locations.
2. Bali Intercontinental
Apart from that, a lot of private bungalows, three stars hotels there. Stay in Kuta area for beach and night life.
Try Jogja in Central java, a 45 minutes flight from Bali and see Borobudur the largest Budhist temple in the world and many many attractions. You won’t regret my advice.
Have a great honeymoon!